Soliton IT is pleased to announce that the new and innovative RIS at The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust went LIVE last month.
Replacing their former CRIS system with Soliton IT’s Radiology+, THH became part of #TeamSoliton on 1st February 2021.

Bob Childe, Sales & Commercial Manager, comments:

“We would like to welcome Hillingdon Hospitals to both our installed base of RIS users, and our NWL Radiology Share+ network. Soliton IT looks forward to working with them as they become part of the ongoing project. I would like to thank the implementation teams for their dedication in delivering the solution in a quick timescale. Welcome Hillingdon!”

A huge thank you to the Trust and the Project Management teams, who worked tirelessly on deployment during these unique times.

#RevolutionInRadiology #RevolutionInRIS