Tactical solutions partnership sees PACS and RIS alliance for Soliton IT and Insignia Medical Systems.

Having achieved 12-years of RIS innovations, Hemel Hempstead-based Soliton IT seeks alliances with other HIS vendors to create strategic partnerships – combining both clinical and healthcare solutions experience in order to develop a perfected PACS/RIS solution for radiology applications. Soliton IT and Insignia celebrate both a corporate partnership and applied technical integration – a collaboration that is both innovative in its solutions development and supportive of the changing IT and organisational needs of the NHS.

Insignia Medical Systems is a leading Medical Imaging provider with over 250 sites and the largest local development and deployment teams in the UK. Sharing the same HIS visions as Soliton IT, the Basingstoke-based organisation focuses their services on the needs of the NHS and UK private medical providers.

Having supported over 2,000,000,000 clinical images since their entry to market in 2001, Insignia manages some of the most complex PACS and VNA systems currently deployed. Their largest PACS installation into a large National Healthcare Provider is a multi-site placement of InSight PACS with more than 50 separate sites comprising over 21,000 users. Insignia’s experience in data migration and transitional services is pivotal in the industry and continues to deliver continuity of service during system replacements.

With a collaborative technical and sector dynamism, Soliton IT and Insignia boast a host of successfully deployed RIS and PACS solutions into nationwide X-Ray departments. The functional integration of the Radiology+ RIS and InSight PACS allows for both a finely tuned workspace which is specific to user’s needs and seamless bi-directional desktop integration to ensure reporting and reviewing studies are loaded in context. In addition, the “parking” facility allows for interrupted reporting sessions to be retrieved without loss of previous information; resulting in saving both time and the need to repeat the previous reporting effort.

A deployment into University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire proved successful and accommodated the Trust’s requirement for a flexible system with fully-functional voice recognition. Phil Lindley, IT Clinical Systems Manager for the multi-site Trust, comments:

“The VR engine is intuitive and simple to use – we were particularly impressed with the flexibility of the interface and the personalisation that was offered. Integration with our PACS was seamless and the flexibility within the system has been refreshing.”

Shaun Ward, PACS Consultant for Insignia, comments:
“Soliton IT has understood the benefits of collaborating together to improve the workplace environment for all users. Soliton have reacted very quickly to enhancement requests resulting in a smooth reporting process for all Trusts using the product sets.”

Commenting on behalf of Soliton IT, Director Bob Watson says:

“It is important for Soliton IT to collaborate our expertise and development goals with a like-minded partner – Insignia Medical Systems have excellent experience and knowledge in clinical sectors and have always supported our RIS application effectively. We are delighted to entrust in both their PACS solutions and them as an organisation when developing our RIS”.