Soliton IT Australasia has pleasure in announcing that Oz Radiology, who went live with Radiology+ in 2019, has been successfully using the class-leading RIS for over six months.

Oz Radiology has sites in Carina, Capalaba and Morningside, and considered several RIS options when their legacy RIS was up for replacement and no longer being supported.  The private imaging centre opted for Radiology+ RIS from Soliton IT, which was deployed in November and boasted a seamless go-live between the two project teams.

The ability to view multiple sites on one system, as well as an automated appointment booking system, were winning factors for Oz Radiology, who have found that the RIS enabled many efficiencies within the administrative and company practices.

Kimberly Game, Business Administration Manager for Oz Radiology comments on the reasons why Radiology+ was selected after a competitive procurement process:

“Ease of implementation, and ability to work with the vendor to make changes and configure to our specific needs, were important. The system is also user friendly, lots of tasks are now completed automatically, and Soliton IT offered a helpful support service”.