Soliton IT adopts PACS partnership

The UK and Australia based Radiology Information System (RIS) provider, Soliton IT, is delighted to announce their partnership with Germany’s PACS developer, aycan.

Having achieved 11-years of RIS innovations, Hemel Hempstead-based Soliton IT sought the perfect partnership to combine solutions expertise in order to both provide the all-encompassing PACS/RIS solution for radiology applications and to tackle integration issues with differing operating programs.

aycan: PACS for people

Soliton found aycan – the international PACS developer with core medical imaging competencies in PACS and DICOM viewing and distribution. Operating from Europe and the U.S, aycan is a privately owned company with nearly 20-years of operation – founded by a group of radiologists and engineers.

aycan creates and deploys a host of PACS solutions to medical centres and has a technical team dedicated to high performance application development – from simplistic functional systems to complex workflows within imaging centres, hospitals and teleradiology services companies. Their commitment to data security allows auto-routing/loading and efficient data migration whilst meeting industry encryption requirements and delivering optimised departmental productivity.

Familiar working platforms and Macintosh capability

The strategic partnership between Soliton and aycan promises to fulfil both the sector demand for future-proofed RIS as well as providing a familiar PACS interface to the hundreds of UK radiologists already using a traditional aycan-supported platform. In addition, the unique properties of the aycan application means that Macintosh compatibility is now supported – a useful feature that has been historically problematic to deliver and has, as a result, left a gap in the market for PACS integration with Apple Macintosh.

A new partnership, company generation and sector anniversary

With combined resources of nearly 50-employees, the partnership supports Soliton’s “new generation” investment into a formalised company structure consisting of sales, project and support personnel with newly acquired business development staff, in-house training facilities and marketing support. On a global level, the investment bid also compliments this years’ 120th Anniversary of X-Ray discovery; German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen made the imaging revelation in 1895 in Würzburg – the very same city where aycan is currently located.

Stephan Popp, Director of aycan in Germany comments on the partnership:
“Soliton RIS and aycan PACS are perfectly integrated products which bring UK users a better workflow with excellent performance ratio – we are delighted to have Soliton as a key partner in a dynamic and fast-changing PACS market.”

Commenting from the Soliton IT Head Office in Hemel Hempstead, Managing Director Bob Watson says:
“Our partnership with aycan enables us to satisfy market demands for Soliton RIS integrated with aycan PACS on Apple Macintosh workstations. Soliton’s experience of RIS driven workflow and VR combined with both aycan’s international experience of PACS and the rapidly growing user base of both companies makes this an exciting partnership and raises the bar for RIS/PACS integration and interoperability.”