Soliton IT is delighted to announce that the North West London Radiology network (NWL) has awarded Soliton IT as Preferred Supplier for the provision of a “Cross-Organisation NHS Radiology Platform Technology Solution” with their Share+ multi-site radiology sharing application.

The NW London Radiology network consists of six acute and specialist NHS Trusts in the North West London region, namely London North West, Imperial College Healthcare, Hillingdon Hospitals, Chelsea & Westminster, The Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton & Harefield.  The Trusts have come together to respond collaboratively to improve access, quality and efficiency and to respond to growing demand and new advances.  The network had a firm vision of linking the Radiology PACS/RIS systems across the network to maximise reporting capacity, sustain efficient and timely diagnostic reporting, support the Trusts in meeting their diagnostic targets and, ultimately, improving outcomes for patients. Functionally, inter-site working across the network is proposed to provide instant network-wide clinical access to patients’ imaging records, unified and accessible analytics, readiness of image acquisition and reporting capacity and the enhancement of research and training opportunities via an open network relationship and knowledge sharing.

Tackling these challenges required a sophisticated IT infrastructure to enable true cross-site collaboration and robust standards of connectivity, autonomy and configuration. After a detailed procurement process, the North West London Radiology network has awarded the contract to Soliton IT, a Radiology IT system developer and supplier, for their Share+ application.

This application already has significant success within Scotland – the SERRIS project has brought three Health Boards substantial time-savings within their radiology teams and, more recently, the National Sharing contract for Scotland-wide rollout was awarded to Soliton IT after demonstrating their cross-site configuration proficiencies and vital vendor-agnostic approach.

On 20 February 2019, the North West London Radiology group awarded Soliton IT as Preferred Supplier, with project planning to start imminently in order to work towards a Go-Live across all six sites.

Bob Watson, Commercial Director & Co-Founder, comments:

“The North West London Radiology network is an exciting project and we are delighted to have been awarded Preferred Supplier status. We look forward to working closely with our London colleagues and friends and growing the network to other NHS Trusts.

 “Soliton IT is, I believe, unique in the Radiology sector. We are the only truly independent software technology company in the UK who has robust and proven regional Sharing, RIS, reporting and enterprise VR solutions. My philosophy is simple – focus on product and people; by investing in our business year-on-year, our forward-thinking, independence and people, we have ensured that we are fully equipped to meet and manage the evolving requirements of the NHS and the challenges that it faces.”

See full Press Release here.