London North West Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the largest integrated care Trusts in the UK and the second busiest Trust in London, with services operating from hospitals Northwick Park, St Mark’s, Central Middlesex and Ealing.

Like most NHS Trusts, London North West is reliant upon their core Radiology-based IT systems, principally the RIS and PACS, to manage the patient journey and the supporting clinical images. With their legacy RIS system, the department were able to carry out most routine tasks satisfactorily, but had difficulties with some of the more advanced functions of the RIS which hindered some workflows and introduced risk into others.

Suspecting that they were reaching the limits of their current RIS capabilities and after receiving a certain amount of negative feedback from radiology staff, an internal questionnaire was circulated to better assess prevailing views on the system. The responses were fairly conclusive: numerous radiologists, radiographers, and administrators expressed dissatisfaction with the current RIS and requested that the system be replaced with a more intuitive solution.

Elsewhere, the survey’s content affirmed what Adham had already considered to be key criteria for a replacement RIS. Having used a relatively inflexible RIS application for two years, they knew that they required a solution that was simple and contemporary in design and innovative for future proofing of the Trust’s investment. As they were still happy with the functionality and performance of their incumbent Sectra PACS, integration with Sectra was crucial to optimise the radiology workflow.

The Trust started to pursue a RIS from alternative vendors. Adham and the team already knew the market’s main players and, after having a previous positive experience some years before, they approached Soliton IT to establish whether their Radiology+ RIS offering could meet all their original OBS requirements. The system scored well and as the Trust had recently had a successful on-site system demonstration from Soliton, with Sectra’s support, they decided to proceed with the replacement of their RIS with Soliton Radiology+ – the UK’s market-leading RIS developer.

“We were confident that Soliton IT’s Radiology+ system would remain at the cutting edge – which was the biggest factor in our adoption of this RIS.”


See Case Study for full report.

Post by Jess BB 17.09.19