NHS Scotland has recently awarded Soliton IT with the 6-month contract to provide a Radiology reporting workload management system into the South-East Scotland region. The adoption of Soliton IT’s new application, Share+, will tackle capacity variability across South-East Scotland and is set for deployment at the end of next month.

NHS Scotland’s requirement for a managed multi-site reporting service is due the continued rise in imaging demands and the consequent pressures on NHS Radiologists. Overall reporting capacity has not increased to meet these imaging demands and plans to increase radiologist numbers will not come to fruition for some years. NHS Scotland has identified an acute need to address this deficiency with existing staff and enhanced technology solutions (rather than outsourcing reporting), hence the introduction of the South East Regional Reporting Insourcing Solution (SERRIS) supported by Soliton’s Share+™ application.

The objective of SERRIS is to initially share reporting capacity across NHS Boards in Fife, Lothian and Borders. However, to make best use of resources, Share+™ will manage the flow of work from one Board to the other. In order to allow existing Radiologists to cope with additional reporting, Soliton IT will also be providing their Reporting+™ application to Lothian and upgrading the current Soliton IT installation at NHS Borders.

NHS Scotland had firm requirements for the solution and supplier; a system with extensive RIS/PACS integration, hospital HIS experience, a proven track record within similar healthcare networks, on-site training packages offered and a “vendor-agnostic” functionality to manage the differing RIS and PACS applications which were in use across NHS Boards. Practically, the new system had to be deployed and in use within 3-months from receipt of contract.

Teaming with PACS provider Carestream for imaging solutions integration, Soliton IT is delighted to offer Share+ to the three Scottish Boards, NHS Fife, NHS Lothian and NHS Borders in line with the award. Share+ is a new application developed to support healthcare organisations who have multi-site data-sharing requirements and require a sophisticated level of workflow management between hospitals. Share+ produces statistics on the work shared and performed by any organisation in the group as well as offering a network-wide view of demand and utilisation. For added security and data control, the system’s “rules” engine enables originating sites to set sharing rules – sites can opt to share all or some of their reporting.

This break-through in data-sharing autonomy will create a fully shared and secured network of reporting for all the Scottish NHS Boards currently involved in this project. Commenting from Soliton IT’s UK Head Office, Director and Co-Founder Bob Watson:

“Soliton IT has ambitious goals for Share+ and is delighted to enhance our software portfolio with this trail-blazing application. The recent award from NHS Scotland gives us the opportunity to exercise our technical expertise in multi-site systems integration and work alongside Scotland’s most prestigious NHS Boards. We are confident that each site will quickly see measurable benefits of this unique system and workflow practices will be improved within a short time – proving both the capability and capacity of Share+ within NHS networks.”